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Shopping on Gmarket. Gmarket Haul

Here's one more post about shopping on Gmarket.
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I'll start with this basic white top. It was really cheap and it's 100 percent comfy. The thing you really in to have in your wardrobe. The material is good, nice quality as always.

Lovely dark blue color bag. Bought it for my friend and she's happy because it matches the color of her shoes perfectly. It's not like I think you should match your shoes and bag colors (experiments are much more fun), but those look good together.

One more bag for my friend. the quality is perfect! And it's super cute. Too bad that I love minimalistic looks - I can't fing the perfect bag for myself on Gmarket. But I'll keep looking!

REAL COCO. this is a perfect brand! The quality is nice and the price is good too. It doesn't cost too much but looks really good and tasteful. I bought this blouse as one more basic element for my wardrobe. Good to combine with both pants and skirt. It can look really casual and really stylish at the same time, if you'll combine it with the right accessories.

Here are various Korean creams for my mom. She's really happy with them. I keep on buying it every time she need it. Really nice for skin and the price is reasonable too.

Super lovely passport cases for me and my boyfriend. I love it's colors. I prefer my wardrobe to be fully neutral - colored, but I couldn't stand it! These are too cute. I think some color tints will be good for me this time. So I really enjoy it.

And last,but not least- my perefect white coat! I'm going to post more looks of it soon, I promise! This one is pure perfection. Love the simple design, the fabric is good and it's really comfortable. I love it so much!
Hope this information was useful for you. Have a nice day everyone!

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