среда, 3 июля 2013 г.

ORGANIC by John Patrick. Inspiration

When I saw Organic by John Patrick collection, I instantly fell in love... There are so many beautiful pieces there! These garments are so clean and ideal, even with some bright colors (as you know I prefer neutrals). The collection seems to be very comfortable and full of various types of textile and textures.
Its design is really unique, these pieces are my favorites. Please take a look, hope you'll enjoy it too.

For more photos visit ORGANIC by John Patrick Official Site.

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  1. Анонимный4 июля 2013 г., 05:15

    love it!
    so beauty!

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  2. wow I love these. So sleek and chic. No fuss, that's my favorite type of clothing.


  3. Love all the pinks combined with clean silhouettes.

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