воскресенье, 23 июля 2023 г.

From my diary written on July 21st, Friday: between Milan and Seoul

Hello beautiful people.

It's been awhile. And I guess the Blogger isn't such a popular platform anymore, but I needed some space to continue sharing my emotions, experiences and inspiration while my website is under construction, so here we are. I hope you've been doing well. And I hope you'll find my little notes interesting to read.


July 21st, Friday.

Good morning from Milan, Italy.

- The tap water tastes here almost like a mineral one (of course I've boiled it before drinking).

- People are generally happy and use many gestures while speaking.

- Most of them are tanned, friendly and wearing colorful clothes. Sometimes you can pass by the ladies wearing sexy black dresses and heels.

- No need to wear a bra. Seriously, why do you need it? If you want you can free the nipple freely in Italy. I've seen many women braless here, it is especially noticeable after living in a "modest" Korea, where not wearing a bra would be something highly inappropriate (though I still do this from time to time, just keeping the attention to how it looks and make sure it is appropriate).

- It is hard to find a tea / matcha / herbal tea in the cafes - only coffee. Many types of coffee.

- People enjoy conversations and smoking over a cup of espresso.

- Smoking. Many people are smoking and I am struggling.

- Streets are mostly wide and city's color palette is a bit warm - different shades of yellow, orange and red. And "architectural" colors of course - dusted beige, peachy, cocoa - colored buildings will be around you. It is quite hard to find something gray or white sometimes... And since I prefer the colder tones, I've been running around the city to find the perfect spots for a picture.

- Hot weather. OK, it is also hot in Korea, but you always have an air con at home. Here - only the fan. Not helping that much.

- Fresh veggies and fruits. Huge variety of fruits. Cheap fruits and reasonably - priced fruits. It's like a heaven for me.

- Good quality fresh food. Oh, and wine. I don't drink, but I guess for someone who does  it would make a difference.

- I hear the church bells 3 times a day. Sometimes 4 times.

- Italy feels like a foreign country to me now.

- The rain here is cold comparing to Asia even though the temperature is pretty much the same. 

- Husband days Korea is cleaner and more "polished". Streets over here are full of graffiti and sometimes you can see overgrown grass that makes it look unkept.

- Cicadas aren't that loud here though they exist. For me the cicadas associates with Asia, especially Japan and Korea. Here you can't hear them that much either because of the traffic or the birds singing.

- Oh, yes! The birds are singing quite loud and beauty, especially early in the morning.

- Italia is relaxing. Sometimes I wanna lay in bed and do nothing.

- I enjoy cooking here.

See some pictures here >>>