среда, 17 октября 2018 г.

Angelika test shoot. Backstage

Beautiful aspiring fashion model Angelika @ FL Model Management posing during test shoot. Video by Tatiana Kurnosova.

How to learn posing whether you're an aspiring young model or a person who' s interested in fashion? My tip : just need to listen to your body language, don't try to copy the exact poses that you see on the screen. Try moving a little bit and choose simple, relaxed and natural poses, follow your intuition. At first, try posing in front of the mirror, then when you'll feel more confident, just try posing in front of the friend, then ask someone to photograph you and see the result. Good luck!

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вторник, 2 октября 2018 г.

Stepping out of darkness

This year has been incredibly taugh for me.
I think I've mentioned that a million times already. Not because I want to point on that, I'd like to tell  you that even if you have the darkest times you can get through it. Yes, it will be hard, but you can, I promise.

So, I've tried to figure out why it was like that for me...
No, there weren't any tragedies in my life or anything like that. And I'm actually so thankful to the Universe for that.
I've just been in a constant depression mixed with artistic crisis for very a long time... And that darkness has been so deep that I almost believed that there's no way out and I was stuck with no goals, no purpose, no art.

I wasn't happy with my work, I wasn't happy with my way of living and  I was constantly thinking about it.
So, after being tortured by myself for quite a long time, I've finally came up with the simple truth: no one can save me from that feeling except myself. Because I've created this cage of thoughts inside my head, I've created this situation.

You know our thoughts are the most powerful weapon. And the way we think actually creates out reality. We either build a strong wall in our head, getting away from the world, hiding deep inside being afraid of everything or we use our thoughts to build the comfort zone inside and out. Starting with the self love, care and compassion.

Start thinking of yourself as of a friend, who needs help. And what would you tell your friend in the situation like this? Would you yell at him and tell how miserable he is having no real broblems (like everything is basically good, there's no war, no starvation, no economic crisis going on), but having problems in his head, being silly? If you're a good friend you would rather try to calm him down, be kind and help him get through this, have a little talk or a long conversation... Right?

So, let's imagine that you are your own friend. No, there's no need in imagining that, just become your own friend right now. Just listen to yourself. What do you need at the moment? Do you need help, do you need comfort, love, care? Right now, right here.

If you have no one to talk to or you're afraid having a conversation about that, start talking to your diary. Write down you thoughts, try to figure out why it's been happening to you...

Be kind and patient.

And I think that's enough for this post. I will be continuing this conversation though.
Meanwhile, let me know your thoughts about it, I will be happy to hear it.

Be kind and have a lovely day.