среда, 1 июля 2015 г.

Summer inspiration

After being silent for a long time, I want to share with you a splash of emotions and inspiration.

I'm really excited about upcoming summer and already feel the mood of happiness, refreshment and freedom.

Summer is a small new life: time for adventures and travel, experiments and fun. My perfect summer is minimalistic and simple, full of details, bright and cold at the same time. I like it to be unexpected and spontaneous, a little bit vintage. I fell in love with style of  80s and early 90s with its bold and sexy swimsuits and tanned  athletic models.

On the other side, my perfect summer girl is mysterious and cold, a lover of unisex style and monochromatic palette. The ideal landscape is foggy beach, and the summer breeze is the only accessory she needs.

My eternal summer is Gauguin's world: Tahiti, color

Movies to watch: The pool, The Chinese Botanist's Daughters, Eat Pray Love

Summer goals: being open minded, fearless and free. Create, think clear and enjoy every moment.

Hope you'll enjoy these photos and have a perfect summer holidays.

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