суббота, 14 января 2017 г.

Nostalgic mood. The Diary

I've been in some kind of nostalgic mood recently. 

I miss that warm air, when it's so hot and sometimes it feels like you can't even breathe. Heavy rains, the spices and exotic fruits. I love Asia, I love its atmosphere, it's mood. Sometimes I hate it though... But it's a coming-going thing like everything else in our lives... I mostly hate it because I still feel an outsider when I'm there. And I will always be. 
But it's OK. I still can observe it and get inspired by it. I still can love it and appreciate it's beauty. Sometimes I feel like I was born in a wrong place. Everybody wants to live in Europe, but when I stay there for several months, I feel like a prisoner. I get bored of that calmness... I need to shake my mind and fill it with some Asian craziness...   

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